Monday 20 July 2015

Episode 6: The YTV Anime Master is Not Unstumpable

YTV's infamous Anime Master is at last ambushed and unmasked for all to see! But first, Karl and I talk a bit about streaming on MAL, why you shouldn't use Hola after all, and why you should care about not being able to watch NieA_7.

Episode breakdown:

01:30 - Karl and I talk about region issues on Viewster and MAL embracing legitimate streaming.

20:00 - Anime Master time!.


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Wednesday 1 July 2015

Episode 5: Talking with "PJ" Phil Guerrero

Randy and I sit down with Phil Guerrero, former host of YTV's The Zone block, who tells us about the loneliness of bingewatching, living the fast life in LA, and what it's like to be haunted by a single, over-used photograph.

Episode breakdown:

02:03 - Phil talks about his time on The Zone.

33:30 - How the internet screwed everything up and why TV personalities just aren’t the same anymore.

50:00 - Snit

52:15 - Exodus to Los Angeles

1:10:30 - Phil talks about his current online streaming project, Mainstream Media Unplugged


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