Sunday 29 December 2019

Episode 63 - Don't Worry Candy, He's Just in the Hospital

Forty years ago, the entire non-English speaking world was captivated by Candy Candy, the chronicles of the endless tragedies befalling an spunky and adorable freckled orphan. This shoujo classic was a staple of Radio-Canada's anime line-up throughout the 70s and 80s, but was scrubbed off the face of the earth in the 90s amid legal turmoil. Join Dave, Shaindle, Chris and myself to find out why so many people continue to spread the good word of Candy despite the ongoing effort to erase her from public consciousness!

Big thanks to Vincent Bergeron for his help compiling information for this episode!

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Dave and Shaindle's Website: Mister Kitty
Dave's article on Candy Candy: it's candy's world, we're just living in it
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Chris' Podcast: Anisong Talk
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