Friday 29 June 2018

Episode 45 - Gundam SEED Holds Up Better Than You Think

Why was Mobile Suit Gundam SEED a success here but not the United States? Daryl Surat and Jarvis Gray join me to explain, in yet another retrospective episode on anime that have had a unique cultural impact in Canada. (Honestly though, we spend more time ranting about Gundam SEED Destiny, how that show is unfairly lumped in with its predecessor and why you should NOT watch the new HD remastered version of either series under any circumstances whatsoever.)

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Theme song by Karl Olson. Check out Packet Flood, the album all of this show's music is taken from, on his Bandcamp.

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  1. Since Daryl asked for corrections, G Gundam aired on Toonami in 2002 after MSG’s short stint in 2001. G Gundam sorta reinvigorated the brand in the US after MSG failed and the UC OVA series only did modestly. G Gundam oversaturated the toy market as you guys mentioned however Bandai then produced a CGI SD Gundam series for Toonami and those toys also flooded the market. SD Gundam Force did well initially and it’s 26 episodes reran 5 or 6 times in a row. A second season was made but never aired, seemingly because it lost steam. After SDGF failed they finally brought over SEED. The once s week airings for SEED definitely hurt its potential despite having the slot after new DBGT (highest rated show at the time).

    Also to my knowledge, Jason and company were still working on Toonami until it’s cancellation in 2008 but even before Toonami moved to Saturday night they no longer had control of what shows aired and when. They just made the packaging and such and gave some input on what should be picked up.

    Anyway, great episode guys.

  2. Thanks for the clarifications, Sketch!