Friday 21 August 2015

Episode 8: The Worldwide Woes of Adult Swim (or: There Are Bigger Problems Than Toonami)

Why doesn't Adult Swim seem to work outside of the United States? Does it just not translate anywhere culturally? Or is it because of corporate politics? Karl Olson (Ultraklystron) returns along with animation storyboarder Corey Barnes (who's worked on Archer, China IL, Superjail! and Axe Cop) to mull over why the subversive network has such a hard time gaining traction in international markets. We also talk about Spider Riders.

Episode breakdown:

04:20 - Anime Revolution and some lessons in Spider Riders nostalgia

12:00 - All about Adult Swim


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  1. Hah those itasha from AR. I'm pretty sure I saw one of them at the junkyards over by Scott Road Station a few weeks after AR2014.

    Bummed I missed your panels (again). I didn't know you were doing panels there. I wish their con guide also included the names of the hosts.

  2. Anime fans have bad taste even when something becomes a massive hit let alone non-Japanese fans who grew up watching Toonami. That block originally died because the network is run by the same nitwits who greenlight shows like Steven Universe.