Saturday 30 April 2016

Episode 17: Does CSIS Know I Watched This?

A few theatrical updates, and a rundown of the new shows for the spring 2016 season with Corey and Ian.

Episode breakdown:

5:00 - Theatrical updates
9:20 - Everything you need to know about Super Lovers
14:20 - Ian mercifully changes the subject to The Lost Village
18:25 - Streaming issues, Kabenari of the Iron Fortress
29:30 - My Hero Academia, Joker Game, Ace Attorney, Flying Witch, and more!
41:00 - A little bit of streaming and home video talk

Twitter: @zannencanada

Theme song by Karl Olson. Check out Packet Flood, the album all of this show's music is taken from, on his Bandcamp.

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