Tuesday 23 August 2016

Episode 21 - The Legacy of McPizza

When McPizza was test marketed, it never made it outside of our borders. When Pepsi Max was, it spread to countless markets. Karl helps me figure out which junk food analogy best fits Crunchyroll's current strategy. We also talk about Viz streaming on Tubi TV, upcoming Ocean dubs and some thoughts on the Iron Man anime which finished its run on Family CHRGD.

Episode Breakdown:
2:25 - Talk about some new shows this season including Amanchu, 91 Days and Mob Psycho 100
14:45 - A quick review of Iron Man on Family CHRGD
25:00 - Hands on with Tubi TV
33:30 - Picking apart Crunchyroll's current Canadian strategy
44;00 - Some Adult Swim Canada talk

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