Thursday 13 April 2017

Episode 31 - Nostalgia for Power Rangers is Not Permitted

Remember when Power Rangers was banned in Canada by the CBSC? Pan and I sure do! In this episode we recount the somewhat rocky history of Super Sentai in Canada. Also: the Conservative Party of Canada is holding their leadership conference at the same time and place as Anime North! What could this mean?

Episode breakdown:
3:30 - Pan shares her thoughts on Saban's Power Rangers movie
22:00 - How the CBSC ban affected Power Rangers over many years
1:01:00 - The Conservative Party Toronto Leadership Conference will be at the same venue as Anime North... what can we expect?

Twitter: @zannencanada

Theme song by Karl Olson. Check out Packet Flood, the album all of this show's music is taken from, on his Bandcamp.

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1 comment:

  1. That annoyed me so much when they banned Power Rangers. I had just started getting into it. When i first caught an episode i thought it was goofy as hell. But something kept me watching (the Japanese footage). The more i watched it i got into it.
    I was so excited to see the white ranger in s2 and it gets banned. I lived in Northern Canada so channels were limited. Our region finally got Fox with Fox Kids. At this point they were at the tail end of season 3. The metallic Armour upgrade episode was the first one with it going to the alien ranger episodes rather quickly. I was annoyed that i missed almost 2 years worth of episodes but i was happy to have it back. Especially as they were building hype to Power Rangers Zeo. That was a good marketing campaign. Got me really excited.