Thursday 20 December 2018

Episode 51 - Zannen, Canada's Jug-Band Christmas

Curating the many great anime, TV shows, films, comics and music of 2018 is pretty much an impossible task, but Dave Merrill and Chris (aka Kurotsuki) join me in this holiday special to at least help navigate their personal favourite pieces of media of the year. Hear us discuss about Cells at Work, Joe Pera Talks With You, Hereditary and one really great Macross Delta song. (Don't consider that an endorsement of Macross Delta, though!)

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Chris's Twitter: @kurotsuki
Dave Merrill's Twitter: @terebifunhouse
Dave Merrill's Site: mister kitty dot org

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Theme song by Karl Olson. Check out Packet Flood, the album all of this show's music is taken from, on his Bandcamp.

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