Friday 10 April 2015

Episode 2: He Sold His Soul For Bootleg Rock and Roll

The panel is dominated by Winnipeggers and near-Winnipeggers in our second roundtable discussion of the past and possible future of anime on Canadian TV.

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Episode breakdown:

00:00 - Introductions

01:40 - Some more good anime TV memories including MTN children's shows, Macross Plus, and... some other stuff Teletoon had a hand in.

20:40 - What, exactly, was the big deal with Gundam SEED and Witch Hunter Robin?

22:40 - How we would've benefited from more girl shows, missing second seasons, and the real artistic potential of international co-productions.

37:00 - The common cultural experience of anime bootlegs.

55:15 - Hopes or expectations for the future such as broadcast supplementing geoblocked streams and broadening the possibilities of an unexpected hit.


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