Monday 4 May 2015

Episode 3: LA-LI-LU-LELOLA

An interview with the ever insightful Pan, former webmaster of the incredibly popular Canadian anime site, cosplayer extraordinaire, and Power Rangers aficionado.

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Episode breakdown:

01:05 - Introducing Pan

14:00 – The lost art of the personalized fan site

20:53 – Exposure and reaction to social justice issues online

27:00 – The Lelola community and the enormous response it received, including Pan fanfiction

37:34 – Power Rangers talk, specifically why Power Rangers Megaforce: Robo Knight Before Christmas is the ultimate cringewatch

43:37 – Pan answers the roundtable questions from previous episodes

51:40 – I address a user submitted question with an answer that I guess is acceptable

53:00 – Call out for thoughts on the state of streaming in Canada


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